NEW PRODUCTS- Industrial LCD Monitors

Starting from its beginning, Omni Vision has serviced its clientele as their own “display engineering” team. Utilizing Omni Vision’s broad domestic and international practical experience in order to customize technical solutions to fit a client’s unique needs.  Omni Vision can provide a complete solution for its clientele. Starting out by using their technological know-how by means of product design/development, manufacturing, assembly and delivery. Omni Vision first began with their conventional product line of industrial monochrome CRT monitor displays for durable industrial along with professional medical applications and programs. Omni Vision continues to supply these industrial CRT monitors and has now progressed to replacement industrial LCD monitor displays. The open LCD monitor display series is typically designed to be replacements for domestic manufacturers like Motorola, Display Tech, Ball, Z-Axis, and as replacements for Okuma, Fanuc, Matsushita, Totoku, and others.

Machine Tool Control

 10.4” LCD monitor as replacement for 12" monochrome CRT in Fadal equipment


8.4" LCD Monitor for 9" color CRT Replacement

10.4” LCD monitor as replacement for 12″ monochrome CRT in Fadal equipment (ele-0893) with Omni Vision, Motorola, Display Tech, and Z-Axis monitors.

8.4″ LCD monitor to operate as a replace-ment to obsolete 9″ color CRT. Power input is 100 to 264 VAC.  Signal is VGA thru special 9-pin connector.

Omni Vision offers many additional color CRT monitor replacement models, standard line of industrial LCD monitors, panel mount LCD monitors, rack mount LCD monitors, touch screen LCD monitors, and more.


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